I, Indiana Jones and the whips

Hi to all,

Emanuele Carmignanimy name’s Emanuele, I’m 33 years old and I live in Florence, Italy.

I’m a Indiana Jones fan from about 12 years, ever since I saw for the first time “The Last Crusade”. Since then always I have carried with me a passion for the Indy’s character, especially for the whips .

I remember my first whip (which had an almost unwatchable, compared to the true whip Indiana). It was during a scholastic trip and with a lot imagination, I created a Costume by my own.

Emanuele CarmignaniA few years later I tried to create a whip by my own (and subsequently another pair of whips), knowledge bases were nothing compared to the information found today on the web. I managed to make it with what little I had (ropes, duct tape, ribbons of synthetic leather, etc…) and then I made me a more suitable costume.

In the following years, also thanks to the Internet, I got on a wider culture of whip making, how it was done internally, the best leather to use, how to make them, etc… In some years, I became able to create much more professional pieces, following the original construction method suggested by Ron Edward’s and David Morgan’s book, with the desire to grow more.

I own an acknowledgment to whipmaker Giovanni Celeste, that I have had the pleasure to know some years ago. We shared our passion for the whips.

Since then, whips in hand, we established a good friendship.

I also joined the Italian Forum of Indiana Jones (IGI). It‘s always nice to share the same passion with other Indy fans.

raduno fansLater, I was fortunate to attend a couple of significant events.

This is the first official gathering of the forum, where I had the honor of meeting the Italian dubber of Harrison Ford: Michele Gammino. I was very glad to give him a whip made from me ​​with Giovanni Celeste.

the exhibitionThe second event, was the visit to “The exhibition Indiana Jones and the adventure of Archaeology.”

This is an incredible exhibition with a lot props and clothing used in the four movies on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the first film.

Both are events I will never forget.

This hobby for a whips is growing increasingly not only in aspiring to build them, but for the past several years collect them.

By now, I own several whips of the most famous whip makers in all the world, and not only replicas of Indiana Jones whips, but gradually I’m starting to appreciate other models, just as beautiful and famous who are part of the history of whips or made famous by various movies, such as the whip of Zorro, Catwoman, whips for cowboys, for jockey trainers, etc…

It’s nice to know and admire always of more the kinds of the whips.