The most famous is that of Indiana Jones.
The whip of the famous archaeologist, was designed and built by Mr. David Morgan.
It has an 8 inch handle of which is fixed inside a core in leather, covered with alternate two bolsters and two twisted belly, and finally the overlay.

However, most of my whips (Indy Style and otherwise) are constructed in a more simplified than the original: Double heart, bolster, plaited belly, bolster and overlay.
Despite this difference, they have a good look Indy, and maintain approximately the same size and thickness of the original.
Some of these whips are made with kangaroo leather, but most use leather.

Raiders style

^ Raiders: this is a style of first Indy movie.

Temple of Doom style

Temple of Doom: This whip differs slightly from the Raiders by presenting a thinner starting handle that goes to taper towards the end of the same, the ideal color is brown saddle.

Last Crusade style

Last Crusade: Indy’s third film. In most of the scenes we see a slightly thicker whip and dark brown color.

Indy Young style

This whiplash pattern is used by River Phoenix in the initial sequence of the third film, is said to have a Last Crusade appearance, black with red handle.

KotCS style

“Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” style whip. This whip different from the others, both in shape, weight and method of construction, was made by Australian Whip Maker Terry Jacka.

Target Whip

Target whip

This whisk differs from bullwhip because it has a handle of about 30 cm. A similar model of this whip is used by Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie “Batman the Return”.

Stock Whip


This famous whip of Australian origin is mainly used for cattle driving. In the film Western “The Snowy River Man” we can see a lot in action.


Frustini per cavalli

Some examples of whips used by jockeys, made with flexible interior and covered in leather, easily customizable.

Mini Whip

Mini frusta

This is a small whisk on a scale of about 1: 4 maintaining the same method of internal construction and external braiding. They too are very customizable.


bdsm whip

This is a “Cat of Nine Code” style whip model. Even on this type of whisk you can indulge both as colors and as dimensions in general.

Key rings and bracelets

portachiavi e braccialetti

They are miniature gadgets that reflect the design of the whip or part of it.